Wey-TEK vog fyrir kælimiðil 100 kg

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Wey-TEK™ vog fyrir kælimiðil 100 kg

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The Wey-TEK Refrigerant Charging Scale truly is Laboratory Accurate and Toolbox Tough. Simple operation, outstanding durability, and great accuracy make Wey-TEK a great choice for any technician. A large weighing platform, 220 lb. (110 kg) capacity, and competitive price make Wey-TEK a great value. See why Wey-TEK is the most requested refrigerant scale on the market.


  • Durable weighing platform
  • Measures in lb., lb./oz., or kg
  • Simple controls
  • Auto shut-off after 30 minutes to conserve battery
  • High-accuracy load cell won’t drift
  • Hard plastic carrying case included
  • 2-year replacement warranty

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