ETWD-N frádráttarmælir DN15 (1/2″) max 90° Q=2,5 m³/klst

Vörunúmer: 7088080 Flokkur: Merkimiðar: , , ,


Rennslismælir frá Zenner fyrir vatn allt að 90° C

Hægt er að bæta við púlsgjafa nr.  7088050; 1L/púls


Single jet dry-dial with shielded magnetic coupling
■ For horizontal and vertical installation
(also for riser- and downpipe application)
■ All materials, which are used in the drinking water
section, comply with the required standards,
guidelines and the current German drinking water
approval (other country-specific drinking water
approvals on request)
■ With 8-Rollers-Register and magnet pointer
with 1L/pulse
■ Register cap made of high-quality UV-resistant polymer
■ Protection cap can be retrofitted as an option
■ Brass meter housing according to UBA (Federal
Environment Office) list
■ Register rotatable 355°
■ Operating pressure MAP 16
■ Approved in accordance with MID

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