Við eigum til á lagar flangsapakkningar frá DN15 til DN500


Efni: Aramid, inorganic fillers og NBR

Continuous temperature: 250 °C / Steam 200 °C

Peak temperature: 400 °C

Pressure: 100 bar / 1,450 psi



Aramid, inorganic fillers and NBR



A gasket sheet which is widely used for many different purposes in the industry, for example packing of steam, gas, oil, hot and cold water. Also available with graphite on the surface or stainless steel reinforcement. This gasket is one of the most used and approved packing sheets in the market. The sheet has excellent chemical resistance, good mechanical and thermal properties and low gas permeability. Suitable for food industry, gas supply, water supply, compressors, pumps and many other installations.

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