Rafhitari MCX6 5,7 kW

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5,7 kW

230V / 25 A

3,3 l/m @ Δt=25°C


The top-of-the-range device among the small instantaneous water heaters convinces with the best functionality and sophisticated design. Well designed, the small appliance fits discreetly into any washbasin situation.

  • Electronically controlled instant water heater with a compact design for energy-efficient hot water supply of a sink or a staff kitchen
  • The heating output is electronically controlled. This provides an ideal hot water temperature without the need to add cold water at the tap.
  • Touch button controls with colour LEDs to set the outlet temperature to 35 °C, 38 °C or max. 45 °C.
  • Connection kit (T-piece and flexible pressure hose) for an angle valve is included
  • Remote control module available as an accessory: FX wireless remote control
  • Dimensions (height × width × depth): 13.5 × 18.6 × 8.7 cm



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