Yellow Jacket flair töng með hjámiðju 60295


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The YELLOW JACKET® Eccentric Cone Flaring Tool (60295) now includes the YELLOW JACKET® Flare Sizing Gauge 60297 to ensure uniform finished flares at the proper dimension to prevent leaking compression fittings.

Correct flares are crucial in preventing system leaks as systems shift with temperature changes and the metals in the system expand and contract. Many HVAC units use a flaring method to join the refrigerant tubes that connect the indoor and outdoor units. More specifically, flares are required on each end of the line set to connect the evaporator and condenser.

Since the release of A2L’s, systems are running at much higher pressures than the old refrigerants; deeper flares are needed to produce stronger joints. While the angle of the flare is the same as a standard flare, they need more surface for more area to seal against the flare fitting. This higher collar flare works in all systems old and new.

The size of the flare is determined by how much tubing is pushed through the flare block, so be sure to check the manufacturer’s height requirements for the specific refrigerants.

The YELLOW JACKET® Flare Sizing Gauge 60297 is made of coated aluminum with laser etching to provide an easy-to-read, durable, long-lasting tool. Simply set the flared tubing into the proper gauge hole where there is a stop midway through for proper diameters. An undersized diameter will pass through and an oversized flare will not fit at all.

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