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Hitakútur úr ryðfríu stáli

2×7.5 kW/3x400V

372 L

Þvermál x hæð: 595 x 2172

Framleiddur í Noregi

Water heater with unbeatable performance and lifetime economy

Water heater from the MAXI series has shown class-leading operational durability for commercial hot water systems through the last 50 years. MAXI has been constructed with EVERLAST™ high-alloy stainless steel in combination with ULTRAWELD™ technology for optimal corrosion resistance. MAXI series can be modified according to customer requirements.

The water heater MAXI STANDARD — MS is suitable for most commercial hot water demands, and is heated either with the integrated electric INCOTEC immersion heaters, or via an external energy source and the TURBOSYSTEM with a plate heat exchanger (optional capacity) and double sets of pumps for extra operational safety. The electric immersion heaters has optional effect 2.5–15 kW, 230–400 V + N 3-phase, and is thermostat controlled 50–75 °C in three steps with separate safety thermostats. Contactors are not required and the support cable is connected directly to the central.

Installation kits for cold water inlet with shut-off valve, hot water outlet with mixing valve, plate heat exchanger with pumps (TURBOSYSTEM) and piping for connecting multiple units has been custom-made to fit directly on the MAXI series, with double sealing for an added layer of safety.




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